The day of rest


It’s so quiet here you wouldn’t know what day it is, but today, Sunday, we traveled back in time to the golden age of steam. Coupled with an event that could only happen in America! Here in Conway they have the Conway Scenic railroad Steam Locomotive #7470  that is steam powered, this week end is special ‘cos it ran the “Dog Daze Express” A special event for doggies and their masters, with doggies treating their owners and getting special treats. We were going because Doug and ‘Trish have a dog called Holley, she is a refugee from hurricane Katrina. She kinda doesn’t like the rain for some reason – see "what are you doing out there when it’s dry under here."

In actual fact the railroad runs through the Mount Washington Valley countryside and that of the surrounding White Mountains. Today you got a concession if your dog came with you.(Think on South West trains) It must be the air here but never have I seen so many tail wagging pouches, all shapes all sizes, all waiting patiently on the platform to board a train! Likewise the owners, but minus the tails. The guards who looked and behaved like something out of The Wizard of Oz were charming, both to the dogs and their owners. A truly unique experience…woof!

PS it was pouring with rain, but who cares!


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