The Journey to N H

At last – we have now set up residence in North Conway, New Hampshire with our friends Doug and Patricia (new friends) but we are still thinking of you (old friends).
Took rather a long time to get here after a fantastic start. Jono took us to Heathrow – nice and early, four hours before our flight! Made it a little earlier than that as he only took 1hr 10 mins to get there (think he has a get out of jail free card)
Check in took two hours to get through from dropping our bags to being in the departure lounge what with the queues and extra security checks. Once everyone is into "flightside" then BA sends the passenger list to the States and if everyone checks out OK then we are given permission to fly. Well by the time that had been done we missed our flight slot. Ended up nearly an hour late taking off! (must have passed the passenger checks though…). Flight was fine and the inflight movie is one you all have to see – RV staring Robin Williams – so funny and it still didn’t put us off. Anyway on the approach to JFK we got too close to the plane in front (think our pilot was going so fast to try and make up time he couldn’t slow down) This meant we had to circle round again – the Hamptons look nice and Long Island is…
So even later – immigrations went well with the helpful man explaining how to get from terminal 7 to T6 (took him a good 5minutes) Then on to baggage reclaim 30 minutes!!! we had 10 mins before our connection flight to Boston took off – it took us 3minutes to walk from T7 to T6 (less than the time it took the customs officer to tell us and we went a different way). Too late, gate closed – night on a seat at the well chilled air con lounge of JFK I think Betsy enjoyed it really… Nice man gave us standby tickets for the first flight in the morning, 6.30. Meanwhile Doug was well on his way to meet us at Boston. We rang ‘trish told her the story, she rang Doug who was 2hours into his 2hr 30min journey so he turned round, went home and then came back to pick us up the next morning. We were back at his place about 5pm your time today (only one stop at Dunkin Donuts) so 31hrs travel.
The relaxing begins tomorrow.

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